About Us

Our Vision 


Founded in Seattle, Washington in 2013 by L.C. Clarke, a man who had a dream.

What started as a mobile personal trainer company soon became a passion

to inspire people through innovations in fitness apparel.



The New Norm


Evolving into the new form has been arduous work, but we have persisted and

persevered, accepting the challenge.  We've listened to you, our clients

and customers! We are so grateful for the people who stayed connected

and loyal to Xertionfitness. Our goal is to enrich your experience with

better customer service, improved tracking, and a new interface to help

purchase our products with ease. 



Core value


"Evolving into your greatness"  is our ongoing process, which means going

through adversity and staying focused on our end goals. We are here to help you

reach your goals by illustrating our core values through everyday

living. They consist of  innovation, persistence, being adventurous, and



Thank you for being a part of our past, our present, and our future!